Gingerbread Scone Mix


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Gingerbread scones made with our Gingerbread Scone Mix have an old-fashioned, dark gingerbread flavor. The flavor of these scones is bold–the mix is rich with ginger, and also is spiced with cinnamon, lemon peel, allspice, and a final punch of black pepper. You add molasses as well as butter and buttermilk to the gingerbread scone mix to create the dough.

The type of molasses you choose affects the gingerbread scone flavor. Use either light or ‘full flavored’ molasses for these scones. The light molasses gives you a less intense ‘dark’ flavor than the full flavored molasses. You can also make Apple Ginger Scones with the Gingerbread Scone Mix. Roasted apples and applesauce mellow the flavor and intensity of the basic gingerbread flavor.

Serve Gingerbread Scones with lemon curd or an old-fashioned warm lemon sauce. You can also dust a cooled scone with some powdered sugar. Be sure the scone is cool or the sugar will melt into the scone.

The dough freezes well, so you can make up the dough in advance and bake when needed. Full freezing instructions can be found here.

If you want vegan scones, please check our ingredient substitutions here.

Retail bags make 16 scones/bag.

Additional information


Unbleached wheat flour (wheat flour, niacin, iron, thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid, enzyme), dark brown sugar, ginger, baking powder (sodium acid pyrophosphate, sodium bicarbonate, corn starch, monocalcium phosphate), lemon peel, cinnamon, allspice, baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), salt, black pepper

Nutritional Information (prepared as directed)

Calories 220, Total Fat 9 gm, Saturated Fat 5.7 gm, Trans Fat 0 gm, Cholesterol 24 mg, Sodium 198 mg, Total Carbohydrate 31 gm, Dietary Fiber 1 gm, Sugars 8 gm, Protein 3.5 gm, Calcium 73, Iron 1.5 mg


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