Unsolicited testimonials from happy customers always brighten our day! Here are a few we have received over the years:

“Thank you for exceeding our expectations and providing such wonderful service. I am so glad you are our supplier!”
Greg Venturella
Travellers House Coffee
Springfield, MO

“You are so fast and efficient! I never have to worry with you. You are fantastic, and the scones are to die for. I am so glad I found you.”
Grace Ursini
Totally Tea
Mississaugua, Ontario, Canada

” I bought them and made them and they are wonderful. We travel to England each year and boy these were equal.”
Janice Stein
Cellardoor Winery
Lincolnvlle, ME

“I just wanted to let you know that I finally had time to make the biscuits again and they turned out perfectly! I don’t know what I did wrong with the first batch, but the trick about shaving the butter and freezing it is definitely the way to go. I thank you so much for your phone call and the tips you gave me – customer support doesn’t get any better than you!”
Cindy DeLano Kowalski
Finger Lakes Bed and Breakfast
Penn Yan, NY

“Such a wonderful city! (Edinburgh, Scotland) But I never found a scone there that could hold a candle to yours!!”
I should note that she and I each spent 2 weeks in Scotland this summer, and were discussing and comparing our experiences.
Fairfax, VA

“I think I have 4-6 recipes for scones – and NONE can touch yours. Thank you! I have made 2 so far – eating and freezing — and I know the rest will be equally wonderful. It is going to be great fun to make the rest!”
Susan Scott
Sundance Bear Lodge
Mancos, CO

“Of course, another twist on your fabulous scones. I took oatmeal scone mix, put half the brown sugar in the mix, folded in cranraisins and chopped walnuts. Then put the rest of the brown sugar on the tops and bake. Crunchy and delicous! Served them this morning to our guests who now live in England. They have access to any number of “cream tea places”. They said they were just incredible! We thought so too.”
Johanne Cassia
Rogers and Brown House
Ipswich, MA

“A worker is replacing the foundation of my garage. He started three weeks ago and I gave him a scone (made from a competitor’s mix). Today, he said, “I like your scones. Would you make me some more?” So, despite being wildly busy, because he asked for it (and the buttermilk I had bought for the first batch of your scones was nearing the expiration date), I stopped what I was doing and made a batch. He said “They’re even better.” (I simply added defrosted frozen blueberries to your oatmeal scone mix.) I myself rated them A+ . I swear.”
Marty Nemko
Career Coach and Advisor
Oakland, CA

“Just made scones. I’ve had scones before and I’ve attempted to make scones before. None of my previous scone experiences have been anything to write home about. Oh my God!!!! These are great! …Can’t wait to try them out on guests in the morning.”
Jan Chamberlain
Blue Heron Inn
Darien, GA

“We LOVED the scones and biscuits-so easy to make, and the option for freezing is a bonus!”
Mariette, GA

“Your original recipe scone mix is without doubt the best scone mix I have tasted, EVER. My parents were Irish and English and thus I have been raised on scones since childhood. My family has always been critical of scones here in America as they just don’t measure up. Your mix was perfect, easy to prepare and most delicious.”
Pine Plains, NY

Sometimes the story is just too good to condense into a couple of sentences. For a great story about our scones from a Louisville, KY innkeeper—please go here and check out Nancy’s blog!
Nancy Hinchcliff, former innkeeper
Aleksander House
Louisville, KY

“My British friends love the scones! They say they are a taste of home. Thank you for creating a product that impresses even the most discerning!”
Temple, TX

“I tasted the scones today. Incredible! We mixed some chocolate chips into some of them-my daughter loves them! The scones are delicious. Just the right texture and just the right amount of slight sweetness. Wonderful!”
Gail Gastelu, Publisher
The Tea House Times
Sparta, NJ