Freezing Pancake Batter

Who knew?? For years I made up the entire batch of pancake batter, and froze any left-over pancakes in individual portions. This certainly made for years of easy breakfasts when my kids were young. They ate a good, hot breakfast that they could fix themselves before school.

This is always an excellent option. However, there is something to be said for pancakes fresh off the griddle, topped with a butter and syrup. To serve fresh from the griddle pancakes on demand, freeze the batter! These days I freeze the pancake batter in small freezer-safe containers. I choose a size which lets me make just enough for one meal. We have several mornings of fresh pancakes from a single batch of pancake batter. I do NOT add blueberries before freezing. Instead, I freeze the ‘plain’ batter, and add frozen or fresh berries to the batter after thawing.

Thaw your container of pancake batter overnight in the refrigerator. If you forget, use the ‘defrost’ cycle on your microwave to thaw the batter. Stir the batter a couple of times during the thaw cycle and remove quickly.