We think baking should be fun and uncomplicated. That is one of the reasons we only offer 3 base muffin mixes. We give you the perfect basic muffin, and we want YOU to create whatever flavor you want. Do you want a blueberry muffin loaded with freshly picked berries? Just stir them into the batter. Pumpkin muffins? We can help you do that. Apples and Cinnamon? You’ve come to the right place.

Each of our mixes is fabulous ‘as is’, but each one can also have a variety of ingredients added to the basic batter. Finishing touches are also full of choices–streusel to top? Cinnamon sugar? Unadorned? Decisions, decisions.

Bake a few now, and freeze the rest of the batter to bake later. No matter how you do it, we promise–they’re all good!

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