The User’s Guide to Scone Making and Tutorial DVD

This is a concise guide complete with photos, detailing the how-to’s of scone making in general and flavor creation in particular. Written to accompany Victorian House Scones’ mixes, the principles are universal and apply whether you are working with our mixes or your own recipe.

$10 each for 1-5 copies
$8.50 each for 6 or more

“Been meaning to tell you that I think your Users Guide is just great! It answered some questions/thoughts I was having about scones and gave me some more ideas. Super job.”
Rick Carro, Fairville Inn

Scone Making Tutorial DVD:

The perfect companion to our User’s Guide, this DVD is the result of years of offering scone-making sessions at trade shows. Realizing how few conferences/year we can actually attend, we finally made arrangements to create this 10 minute scone-making DVD. Filmed in one take, you see the entire dough making process from start to finish—along with getting the scone dough ready to freeze, and actually baking (and sampling) a batch of scones.

Between the User’s Guide and the DVD you can be assured of making perfect scones—every time.

DVD tutorial: $7.00
DVD tutorial + User’s Guide: $15.00

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