In The News

May 2012 Guava Rose blogged about making some Cranberry Gorgonzola and Walnut Scones!

March 2012 Kitchen Report had some nice things to day about our scones!

August 2011 Serious Eats named us a Sweet Treat!

November 2010 Author, Author! Our article on adding baked goods to a tea menu was published in the November 2010 issue of Fresh Cup! (p. 56).

January 2010

We were not only featured in the cover story, but we were the cover PHOTO!

October 2008: The Tea House Times announced the inception of a new award—the Tea House Times Seal of Approval. We are pleased to be among the very first to receive this award, and are honored to be able to display this logo on our bags of mix. See what they had to say:

SOA The Tea House Times Seal of Approval has been awarded to Victorian House Scones for Excellent Quality Scones ~ Reviewed ~ Tested ~ Approved — The best scones yet. We really have tried loads of scones and these are the best. The mix is easy to use and the package size is double what you normally get for the price. Scientifically perfected blend of ingredients. So good, we are now selling these at The Tea House Times website and available wholesale too. (Samples at The Tea House Times booth at World Tea Expo!)

April 2006: Read our article from Lafayette’s Journal and Courier.