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Mix, Freeze, Bake with Ease!

Original Recipe Scone mixes from Victorian House Scones offer you the best of both worlds. You can have the taste of home made, the ease and convenience of a mix, and the freedom to create your own signature scone.

Because we believe that fresher is always better, Victorian House Scones does not use dried fruits, dry buttermilk powder, butter substitutes, or preservatives in our mixes. You simply add butter and buttermilk to the mix, and bake. Not baking for a crowd? Freeze the dough as individual ready-to-bake scones, and bake as needed!

So, whether you are looking for wholesale scone mix for your business—or you are an individual looking for fabulous scones—please let us introduce you to our world of melt-in-your-mouth, fresh baked scones with (almost) no effort!

About Us

Why scones? My original fascination with scones was undoubtedly due both to the influence of countless British novels and mysteries (the plot was always revealed over tea and scones), and knowing that scones had to be part of my heritage, since my great-great-grandmother had been born on Victoria Street in Edinburgh, Scotland. While scones are most often linked with the British, their origins actually lie in Scotland.

I first encountered the sheer indulgence of warm, fresh scones when I was in graduate school. A wonderful Scottish lady lived in the apartment downstairs. On Sunday mornings, she would make a fresh batch of scones, wait until she heard my footsteps above her, and then call and tell me she’d made too many, and I would come down and help her eat them. Who could resist? My one mistake was not getting the recipe for her “girdle scones” (griddle scones, a different type than we’re offering here), before I moved away.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve tried to rectify that tactical error, and have been on a quest for the perfect scone recipe. While I’m convinced I may never replicate the griddle scones my neighbor fed me, my friends and family have convinced me that I have indeed developed the perfect scone. For five years, I baked these scones several times a week for a local coffee house, as well as for various school fundraisers, and family activities. In 2002, I decided to quit the actual baking, listen to friends and customers, and find a way to offer them to a wider circle of people. Thus, Victorian House Scones came to be. To both my former neighbor, and my Scottish great-great-grandmother, thanks for the inspiration.